High-lift pump JSP

119.00 409.00 

119.00  - 409.00 

High-lift JSP pump offers efficient, economical, and quiet performance for large filters and cascades. Durable ceramic bearings and thermal protection ensure long-lasting, reliable operation in dirty water and on the pond’s edge.

* Delivery time: 3 – 13 business days


High-lift Jebao JSP pump for large filters and cascades

JSP series pumps are based on state-of-the-art technological solutions – a heavy turbine supported on ceramic shells. This solution guarantees long-term trouble-free and silent operation of the pumps. The pumps are characterized by very low power consumption in relation to efficiency, making them extremely economical. The pumps are designed to work in dirty water, thanks to which they are used in large filtration systems. JSP series pumps can also work vertically on the filter basket.

Features of JSP pump:
  • energy-efficient asynchronous motor
  • durable ceramic bearings extend pump lifespan
  • thermal protection guards against overloads
  • prefilter removes particles up to 6 mm
  • pump can operate both in water and on the pond’s edge
  • pump’s electrical components are insulated with special materials
  • requires minimal maintenance
  • outlet pipe diameter: 1” – 2″
  • inlet opening diameter: 1 1/4”
  • dimensions: 422 x 192 x 198 mm
  • power cable length: 10 m

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