Pond light set with 3 LEDs


Pond light set with three waterproof LED lights provides warm white glow for fountains, pools, and water installations.

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Jebao pond light set with three LEDs (3 x 6 W) can be used both underwater and on land. The LED lights are waterproof and meet the IP68 standard. They emit a warm white glow. The set is suitable for fountains, waterfalls, and other water features. To create ambiance, the lights can also be installed in pool walls below the waterline. Since light reflects well in water, low-power lights are sufficient.

Technical specifications:
  • pond light set with 3 LEDs
  • package includes: 3 LED lights, transformer, 3 x 360° rotatable bases, and 3 stands
  • power of each LED light: 6 W
  • power LED diodes and reflectors provide high brightness with minimal costs
  • power cable length: 5 m
  • protection level of lights: IP68
  • made of highly durable plastic
  • lights can be anchored using a 360° base or stake
  • can be installed on land or underwater

Important: install the transformer at a safe distance from water, at least 2 meters away. Connect the device only to a properly installed socket. Extension cords and electrical panels (such as socket systems) must be rated for outdoor use.

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