58.20  - 58.20 

* Sinking fish feed for trout and sturgeon
* Composition: protein 43%, fat 20%, fiber 1%, ash 4%, phosphorus 0.82%
* Vitamins: A
* Pellet size: 3.0 mm or 4.5 mm
* Bag: 25 kg

Delivery time: 3 weeks

Supreme-22 by Alltech Coppens is a complete sinking fish feed with vitamin A for trout and sturgeon. The feed promotes rapid fish growth and enhances the taste of the fish meat.

Supreme-22 sinking feed is ideal for bottom-feeding in home ponds and fish farms. Feeding fish with sinking feed, it is important to carefully consider the amount of feed given to the fish. Quantities should be calculated based on the feeding table to avoid excess feed sinking to the bottom. The excess feed causes deterioration of the pond and leads to a significant decrease in oxygen levels.

Manufacturer’s brochure and feeding table for trout: pdf
Manufacturer’s brochure and feeding table for sturgeon: pdf

The pellet size should go with the size of the fish:

Fish Weight (g)Pellet Size (mm)
100 – 2003.0
200 – 10004.5
1000 – 80006.0

If there are both smaller and bigger fish in the pond, it is important to notice that larger fish will prefer smaller-sized feed, but smaller fish cannot grab larger feed. Therefore, offering granules of different sizes and structures ensures that all fish get the necessary amount of feed.

The feed should be stored in a dry and shaded place. It is recommended to use up the feed within one season.

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