Aeration set Alita III
(custom set with a diffuser) 308.33€ – …

308.33 € - ...

Custom your aeration set according to your pond! An aeration system includes an air pump Alita, hose, two hose clamp, a hose connector, a pipe elbow, and a diffuser. The dropdown menus allow to choose the model of the components, adjust the quantity of the components or exclude them if desired.
Air pump
Pipe elbow
Hose connector

The pond aeration system Alita III includes an air pump, diffuser, hose, and fittings, ensuring sufficient oxygen levels during icy periods and providing optimal conditions for fish wintering or hot summer.

The Alita air pump (air compressor) efficiently supplies compressed air with low energy consumption and noise levels, benefiting both the pond fish and the pump owner. Vibrating rubber diaphragms create air circulation and include check valves. The diaphragms are attached to a magnet inside the pump, activated by an electromagnetic field. This process operates with low noise and without mechanical friction. The air pump is suitable for water quality equalization, pond and aquaculture aeration, mixing solutions in the water, and keeping swimming holes open during winter.

The membrane diffuser (EPDM or silicone) is suitable for both ponds and water treatment plants. Thanks to the membrane’s smooth surface, the diffuser resists fouling. That is the efficiency of the diffuser does not decrease over time. The holes in the membrane are designed for maximum aeration. Silicone diffusers have generally a longer lifespan and higher temperature resistance compared to the EPDM. Note: the membrane diffuser rises to the water surface, so it should be weighed down (weights not included) or anchored to the bottom.

The aeration system also includes a hose, 2 stainless steel clamps (12-22mm), a ¾-inch pipe elbow, and a hose connector. Use the drop-down menus above to select the desired components or exclude some if preferred.

The dropdown menus allow to choose the model, adjust the quantity of the components or exclude them if desired.

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