Air pump Jecod

139.00 359.00 

139.00  - 359.00 

Jecod PA series membrane pond air pumps are cost-effective. They help prevent oxygen depletion in the pond during winter and keeping a sauna or swimming hole open. The air pump package does not include an air stone/diffuser.

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Air pump Jecod is a series of cost-effective air comprssors from Jecod / Jebao

  • latest 2023 technology: 40% eco energy saving air pump
  • totally reliable to run 24/7/365
  •  super quiet for internal or external use with noise reducing features (32 – 46 dBA)
  • double damping noise absorbing system
  • high grade weatherproof aluminium casing – safe outside by the pond
  • diaphragm air pump with twin air chambers for high air output
  • non-oil lubricated design for pure oil-free compressed air
  • thermal protection – a thermal fuse shuts down the pump in case of overheating and restarts when the temperature normalizes
  • low maintenance with long life expectancy
  • 2 metre rubberised cable with the EU plug
Installation of air pump Jecod

The pond air pump must operate above the water surface. Submerging the air pump in water can cause shorts and damage to the device.

We recommend placing an air stone no deep than 2 metres deep. Old air stones, long lengths of air line, sharp bends will affect air output. To keep the pump operating to is optimum level always replace old and dirty air stones and do not close off the air output completely whilst pump is running.

We suggest using a check valve to ensure that air moves only in one direction — from the air pump to the pond — and to prevent water being sucked in when the air pump is turned off.

During the winter period, it is important to ensure that the hose and air stone do not get clogged or stuck. Moisture can freeze in cold weather, leading to blockages and hindrances in the air flow. Regular checks of hoses and air stones are recommended to prevent air pump overheating.

It is recommended to replace the membranes and air filters every couple of years.

Air pump Jecod and pond area

Select the air pump model based on the pond area:

  • up to 300 m²: PA-35 20w
  • 300 – 600 m²: PA-45 25w
  • 600 – 900 m²: PA-60 38w
  • 900 – 1200 m²: PA-80 55w
  • For keeping a winter sauna or swimming hole open, we recommend models starting from PA-60 38W.

Hose and an air stone/diffuser are not included in the air pump package. Ready-made aeration sets with an air stone or diffuser are available on the website. The sets can be further supplemented according to the specific needs of your pond.

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