Portable air pump MPQ-902


The air pump MPQ-902 12V18W is portable and quiet. The air compressor operates using a battery or solar panel.

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The air pump MPQ-902 12V 18W is a portable and quiet solution for a variety of applications. This DC air compressor operates with a standard 12V battery or solar panel (not included), making it ideal for use in areas without access to electricity.

The air pump’s membranes produce oil-free compressed air thanks to the built-in magnet. The durable casing is designed to withstand different weather conditions and environmental factors, ensuring long-lasting reliability.

Usability and application:
  • pond aeration
  • fish transportation
  • aeration for wastewater treatment plants
  • aeration of seawater and freshwater aquariums
  • aerobic massage in bathtubs
Technical specifications:
  • air pump MPQ-902
  • voltage: 12V
  • power: 18W
  • pressure: 0.06 MPa
  • capacity: 38 L/min
  • outlet: 6 mm
  • dimensions: 177 x 98 x 127 mm

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