Biofilter set with pump and UV


* Complete set for maintaining pond water: biofilter + pump + UV lamp
* For ponds up to 10 000 L
* UV lamp: 11 W
* Capacity: 2 000 L/h
* Filter chamber volume: 33 L

Delivery time: 3–13 business days

Available on backorder


Biofilter set with pump and UV is a complete filtration set for ponds. The set includes a 2 000 L/h pump, a 4 m non-slip hose, and an 11 W UV lamp to sterilize water, eliminate algae and enhance water clarity. The set can handle ponds up to 10 000 liters.

The filter uses cartridges for mechanical, biological, and chemical filtration:

  • mechanical: sponge and filter substrate trap contaminants and suspended particles
  • biological: supports beneficial nitrification bacteria that break down harmful substances
  • chemical: captures phosphates and nitrogen compounds that harm fish and cause algae
Filter media:
  • biogel: removes coarse impurities
  • filtration fleece: eliminates the smallest particles
  • Japanese mat: offers mechanical and biological filtration
  • bio balls: provide varied aerobic conditions for effective water purification and maintain clear, biologically balanced pond water
Technical maintenance of the BIOfilter Plus set with pump and UV:

Clean the BIOfilter regularly every 2 – 4 weeks. The filter needs more frequent cleaning in the initial period after installation and when the pond water is heavily polluted:

  • turn off the pump
  • remove all filter media, clean them repeatedly with clean water, and remove any sediment from the bottom of the filter
  • place all parts back in the filter in their original order

The filter media used in the BIOfilter do not require periodic replacement.

Note. Long interruptions in the operation of the water filter are not recommended as the entire bacterial flora responsible for biological filtration may die off.

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