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The multi-chamber pond filter BIOklar offers effective and thorough filtration for maintaining clear water in ponds with various fish capacities. Built with durable polyester-glass laminate, it features three chambers for mechanical and biological filtration. The filtration is carried by filter brushes for coarse impurities, filtration cloth or Japanese mats for finer particles and biological breakdown, and porous Aquarock clay for biological filtration. Easy maintenance includes weekly removal of impurities from the settling tanks.

* Delivery time: 3 – 13 business days


BIOklar is a professional, multi-chamber pond filter, which offers thorough and effective filtration. Built with polyester-glass laminate, it is highly durable.

BIOklar provides a large biological surface area, essential for clean, clear water and a balanced pond, even with many fish. Each chamber has a settler for easy removal of debris and cleaning of the filter.

Technical data:
  • Input: ø 25/32 / 40 mm
  • Output: ø 75 mm 
  • Settlers with drain valves: ø 50 mm
  • Recommended pump capacity: approx. 4 000 L / h, for example Jebao/Jecod FTP-5000 pump
  • Dimensions: 120 x 65 x 65 (H) cm 
BIOklar is suitable for:
  • joints without fish with a capacity of up to 30 000 liters
  • joints with fish up to 15 000 liters
  • ponds with koi carps with a capacity of up to 12 000 liters
  • color:  anthracite (RAL 7016)
Filter materials:

chamber I: filter brushes 
The pond pump moves water into the first module, where it is directed to the bottom. Here, the water flow slows down, allowing the heaviest impurities to settle. The lower section of each chamber collects the sediment, which can be easily removed by opening the valve at the bottom of the module. The water then flows to the upper part of the tank, where special filter brushes provide mechanical filtration.

chamber II – filtration cloth or Japanese mat
After the overflow, the water flows into the second chamber. The water first enters the settler at the bottom before passing through the filter material. The filter is  either thick filter fleece or a “Japanese mat” (a dense sponge). These materials mechanically trap finer suspended particles and also facilitate the biological breakdown of pollutants.

chamber III: filtration substrate – porous fired clay in grids – Aquarock
The third module fulfils mainly the role of biological filtration. It is filled with a special, fired and highly porous Aquarock clay, which is an ideal habitat for nitrifying bacteria.

Filter cleaning is very simplified

Perform coarse cleaning more frequently, usually every week, by removing impurities from the settling tanks. Briefly open each of the three valves beneath each of the three modules to release the heaviest pollutants. For a deeper cleaning, open each settler’s valve for a longer period. As water drains from the module, agitate the brushes and filter mat, allowing the water to carry away any dislodged debris. Wait until all the water drains from each chamber.

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