Drum filter


The drum filter is designed to clean home ponds up to 35 000 L/h. The filter features automatic cleaning and customizable setting. For complete filtration, the a biological filter BIOmove is needed (not included).

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The drum filter cleans home ponds with decorative fish by removing solid impurities from the water. The filter helps eliminate waste, algae, and other suspended particles, reducing the load on the biological filter. Please note that the biological filter BIOmove is not included.

How drum filter works:
  • water enters the filter through an inlet from the pond or pump
  • the water passes through tiny holes, trapping impurities inside the drum
  • when the filter becomes dirty, water levels inside and outside the drum differ
  • a sensor activates drum rotation and sprayers to wash off the dirt
  • the dirty water is drained away
  • after one drum rotation, the filter is clean and ready for use

The filter’s sprayers can use water from the water supply or a pressure pump (available separately).

  • the electronic controller manages the spraying cycle based on the water level sensor
  • it can activate extra spraying or turn off the filter if needed
  • the controller allows for easy adjustment of work cycle times
Technical specifications:
  • maximum flow rate: 35 000 L/h
  • pond size: up to 50 m³
  • inlets: 3 x 110 mm
  • outlets: 3 x 110 mm
  • screen: 70 microns
  • dimensions: 77 x 56 x 52.5 cm

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