Floating fish feed
for ornamental fish 5L


12.90  - 12.90 

* Floating complete feed with astaxanthin for ornamental fish
* Composition: protein 38%, fat 8%, fiber 2.2%, ash 9.5%, phosphorus 1.11%
* Vitamins: A, D3
* Pellet size: 4.5 mm or 6 mm
* Box: 5 L

Delivery time: 3 – 13 business days

Floating complete feed for ornamental fish is a high-quality product enriched with astaxanthin manufactured by Alltech Coppens in Germany.

Astaxanthin is an antioxidant that improves the immune system of fish. It also enhances bright color of fish, especially koi carp and other ornamental fish. In addition, the floating feed for ornamental fish contains vitamin A.

Composition: wheat, poultry meat and blood meal, sunflower seed meal, hydrolyzed feather meal, fish oil, rapeseed oil, yeast products

Analytical composition:
Crude protein: 38%
Crude fat: 8%
Crude fiber: 2.5%
Ash: 9.7%
Phosphorus: 1.13%
Calcium: 1.4%
Sodium: 0.2%

Vitamin A: 10000 IU/kg
Vitamin D3:2414 IU/kg
Iron: 40 mg/kg
Iodine: 3.3 mg/kg
Copper: 3.3 mg/kg
Manganese: 13.3 mg/kg
Zinc: 40 mg/kg
Selenium: 0.1 mg/kg
E310 Propyl gallate: 100 mg/kg
1b320 Butylated hydroxyanisole: 100 mg/kg
2a161j Astaxanthin: 25 mg/kg

The pellet size should go with the size of the fish:

Fish weight (g)Pellet size (mm)
100 – 2504.5
250 – 10006.0

Manufacturer’s leaflet and feeding table: pdf.

If there are both smaller and larger fish in the pond, it is worth remembering that larger fish prefer to eat smaller pellets, but smaller fish cannot handle larger pellets. Therefore, it is a good solution to offer pellets of different sizes and structures, ensuring that all fish receive the necessary amount of feed. Fish should be able to consume the feed within 10 minutes. The excess of the feed is necessary to remove from the water and the feeding amount should be decreased. It is not recommended to feed carp when the water temperature drops below 10 ºC.

The feed should be stored in a dry and shaded place. It is recommended to use up the feed within one season.

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