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Cristallo Extra 10 x 14 mm is a flexible, transparent PVC hose suitable for air, food, and light chemicals. Ideal for various industries, including agriculture and medicine.

Price is shown per meter.

* Delivery time: 3 – 13 business days


Hose CRISTALLO EXTRA is a non-reinforced PV technical hose. The transparent hose, made of best materials according to the latest formula,  has similar parameters as reinforced technical hoses.

  • very flexible and does not harden
  • durable, resistant to light and oxygen
  • have a high abrasion resistance
  • self-extinguishing after removal from flame
  • insensitive to chemicals
  • resistant to oil and petrol
  • resistant to non-pressure hot water flow
  • environmentally friendly, cadmium free
  • free of toxic components
  • transparent, which allows constant visual control over material flow and notice possible contamination
Technical features:
  • inner diameter: 10mm
  • outside diameter: 13mm / 14mm
  • wall thickness: 2mm
  • pressure: 3 Bar
  • working temperature: -20C° to +60C°
  • weight: 66 g/m
  • transperant
  • reel: 50m
Application of the hose CRISTALLO EXTRA:
  • compatible with Alita air pumps (AL-40, AL-60, AL-80, AL-100, and AL-120) and Jecod air pumps
  • suitable for air flow, food substances, plant protection chemicals and light chemicals
  • suitable for sterilization
  • hose for non-pressurized food liquids, fruit juices and drinks with an alcohol content of up to 50°C
  • can be used in industry, agriculture, medicine and motorization

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