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Hose SPRINT is a 3-layer reinforced garden hose for industrial and household use. The hose can be used for transferring acidic or alkaline liquids, food substances and gases. The hose is compatible with Alita nd Jecod air pumps.

The price is shown per hose reel.

* Delivery time: 3 – 13 business days


Hose SPRINT is a 3-layer reinforced garden hose.

SPRINT has 3 layers:
  • I layer (inner layer) – black PVC, resistant to UV and has an anti-algae feature
  • II layer – braided layer with synthetic fibre
  • III layer (outer layer) – transparent green layer made of flexible PVC

The SPRINT irrigation hose is suitable for both household and industrial use (continuous pressure):

  • transferring acidic or alkaline liquids
  • transferring food substances and gases in ponds, pools, filters, and other equipment.
  • compatible with Alita air pumps (AL-40, AL-60, AL-80, AL-100, and AL-120) and Jecod air pumps.

The smooth inner and outer surfaces of the hose prevent sediment build-up. The hose is easy to use, rinse, roll up and recycle.

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