Jebao FTP Pond Pump

159.90 283.00 

159.90  - 283.00 

Jebao FTP series pond pumps are energy efficient, durable, silent, long-lasting and easy to use. The pumps are suitable for watercourses, ponds, waterfalls, pressurised and gravity filters.

* Delivery time: 3 – 13 business days


Jebao FTP pond pump is reliable and energy efficient. The FTP series pond pumps are suitable for watercourses, ponds and waterfalls. Jebao FTP series pond pumps are also perfect to pump water through a filtration system such as pressurised and gravity filters.

The pump has a robust head construction based on a turbine with ceramic acetales and an outlet with a ball joint. Corundum ceramic mandrel is virtually non-wearing and ensures longevity of the pump.

For safety, a thermal switch will turn off the pump in case of possible overheating, re-activation will occur automatically when the temperature drops.

A completely waterproof rotor chamber allows the pumps use both under water and outside the pond.

The large filter basket guarantees a long service life even in heavily contaminated water tanks without the risk of stopping and seizing the impeller, and makes it easier to clean the pump. Perfect for use in filtration systems and cascades.

  • low energy consumption  (consume about 40% less energy)
  • high performance at small sizes
  • adapted to continuous work
  • water outlet with a movable joint
  • stepped hose nozzle with different diameters
  • silent
  • thermal protection
  • easy to clean
  • pre-filter in the form of a very large plastic basket
  • high quality
  • a durable, corundum ceramic mandrel
  • a thick power cable

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