pH meter for water


pH meter for water. Measurement range: 0.00–14.00 pH (accuracy: 0.1 pH). Operating temperature: 0°C – 50°C.

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pH meter for water

Technical specifications:

  • measurement range: 0.00 – 14.00 pH
  • resolution: 0.01 pH
  • accuracy: 0.1 pH
  • operating temperature: 0°C – 50°C
  • battery: 4 x 1,5 V (AG-13)
  • size: 150 mm x 30 mm x 20 mm

The set contains:

  • pH test device
  • 4 LR44 batteries
  • screwdriver
  • borax solution (pH 4.01)
  • phosphate solution (pH 6.86)

1. Remove protection cap.
2. Clean electrode with distilled water and suck it with filter paper.
3. Turn pH on using „ON-OFF» located on the top of battery cover.
4. Immerge electrode of pH meter in solution to draught level. In no case, do not immerge above display level.
5. Stir gently and wait for reading to stabilize.
6. After usage, switch it off, use distilled water to clean electrode and place protective cap.

Important: Device’ s pH range must be recalibrated:

  • before every usage
  • when electrode has not been used for a long time from last calibration
  • if electrode has been used in particular tough conditions

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