Pond light set (3 lamps x 3 LEDs)

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Pond light set (3 lamps x 3 LEDs) provides warm white glow for fountains, pools, and water installations.

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Jebao Pond light set (3 lamps x 3 LEDs) is include everything you need to highlight larger areas of your pond, garden, or landscaping at night. Ideal for koi ponds, fountains, pools, hot tubs, and gardens. The leakproof design makes it a great option to be used as a waterfall light. These LED pond lights shine with the same intensity as a 20-watt halogen bulb but with a longer life span and lower energy costs.

Each garden pond light comes with a weighted adjustable base and ground stake making them versatile for use in or out of the water and creating a pleasant, cozy atmosphere.

Technical specifications:
  • model: Jebao / Jecod HP12-3 12W
  • power: 3 * 12 W
  • equipped with a transformer (220 V to 12 V)
  • power cable length: 5 m
  • protection rating: IP68
  • lights emit warm white glow for a comfortable ambiance

Also available: pond light set with three LED lamps and interchangeable color glasses.

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