Pre Grower-15 EF
(2mm floating starter)


* Complete floating feed for young carp (one-year-olds)
* Composition: protein 50%, fat 15%, fiber 0.5%, ash 8.7%, phosphorus 1.15%
* Vitamins: A
* Pellet size: 2 mm
* Suitable for RAS systems and ponds
* Bag: 15 kg

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Pre Grower-15 EF 2mm (starter) is a high-quality complete floating feed for one-year-old carp manufactured by Alltech Coppens. The starter contains vitamin A.

Pre Grower-15 EF is suitable for use in RAS (Recirculating Aquaculture Systems) and home ponds. The feed remains floating on the water surface, making it easier to estimate the amount of feed needed in comparison to sinking feed. The carp should consume the feed within 10 minutes. The excess of the feed is necessary to remove from the water and the feeding amount should be decreased. It is not recommended to feed carp when the water temperature drops below 10 ºC.

Composition: fish meal, wheat flour, poultry meal, wheat gluten, poultry blood meal, fish oil, salmon oil, yeast products

Analytical composition:
Protein: 50%
Fat: 15%
Crude fiber: 0.50%
Ash: 8.7%
Total P: 1.15%

Vitamin A (IU/kg): 11669

E310 Propyl gallate: 63mg/kg
1b320 Butylated hydroxyanisole: 63mg/kg

Manufacturer’s brochure and feeding table: pdf.

The feed should be stored in a dry and shaded place. It is advisable to use up the bag within one season.

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