Pressure filter BIOpress

126.90 209.00 

126.90  - 209.00 

The BIOpress pressure filter cleans pond water with UV lamp, sponge filters, and bio-balls, providing optimal conditions for nitrifying bacteria. Weather-resistant, easy maintenance.

* Delivery time: 3 – 13 business days


Jebao / Jecod pressure filter BIOpress is designed for pond water filtration. The filter includes sponge filters, bio balls, and a built-in UV lamp. The large surface area of the sponges and bio balls provides optimal conditions for the growth of nitrifying bacterial cultures. The UV lamp removes pathogens and green water-causing algae from the water.

  • pressure filter for ponds
  • weather resistant
  • cleaning system allows washing the filter without opening the lid
  • can be installed underground to preserve the pond’s aesthetic
  • special inlets and outlets that accommodate different hose sizes
Technical data:
BIOpress 4000BIOpress 8000BIOpress 12000
Pond size4 000 L8 000 L12 000 L
Filter volume10 L20 L30 L
Recommended pumpEP 3200 L/hEP 5000 L/hEP 8000 L/h
UV bulb7 W9 W11 W

The pressure filter BIOpress does not include a pond pump. For optimal performance, we recommend using an FTP series pond pump.

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