SunSun COP-10000 floating fountain for pond aeration


SunSun COP-10000 floating fountain aerates water and enhances pond health with a 1m water column and 3m spray radius, preventing algae growth.

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With SunSun COP-10000 floating fountain, your garden pond becomes a real eye-catcher. The floating fountain is not only suitable for ponds, but also for pool, lake and other water installations. The fountain floats on the surface so that it always remains in an ideal position even when the water level fluctuates.

In addition, the SunSun COP-10000 floating fountain has a positive effect on the quality of the water and its inhabitants because it aerates the water. The fountain sprays a water column of one meter in height and has a diameter of three meters. By setting the water in motion, a gas exchange is initiated, which increases the oxygen content of the water and supports the filter cycle in breaking down excess nutrients. This prevents algae from growth and thus the creation of a dead zone. In addition, the aeration contributes to the vitality of fish as they do not only require oxygen for breathing, but also for an intact immune system. A lack of oxygen quickly leads to the spread of fish diseases.

The integrated filter screen catches weeds and other particles that are sucked in by the fountain pump. This prevents the fountain from clogging.

Technical features:
  • model: COP-10000
  • voltage: 220 – 240 V
  • frequency: 50 Hz
  • power consumption: 90 W
  • height of water column: 1 m
  • spraying radius: 3 m
  • max. flow rate: 20 000 L/h
  • size: 275 × 252 × 420 mm
  • length of cable: 10 m

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