(singking feed with astaxanthin)


58.80  - 58.80 

* Sinking fish feed for trout with astaxanthin
* Composition: protein 41%, fat 31%, fiber 1.5%, ash 4.4%, phosphorus 0.7%
* Vitamins: A, D3, C3 and E
* Pellet size: 5.0 mm or 7 mm
* Bag: 25 kg

Delivery time: 3 – 13 business days


Hercules extruded complete feed for trout is a new fish feed developed in collaboration between Coppens and Finnoaqua. In addition to promoting rapid fish growth, the feed also provides excellent flavor to the fish meat.

The nutritional content of the feeds is optimised to meet the requirements of fish of different sizes. The raw materials used are mainly Finnish fish meal made from MSC-certified Baltic herring and sprat, as well as various plant proteins, such as responsibly produced non-GMO soy protein and Finnish fava beans.

The phosphorus in plant proteins is converted into a digestible form for fish by the phytase enzyme. Due to this,  the phosphorus load from fish farming has been significantly reduced.
In the final phase of farming, the content of EPA and DHA fatty acids in the fish is increased to levels beneficial for human heart health with Hercules Opti feeds.

  • pelleet size: 5 mm or 7 mm
  • sinking feed is ideal for bottom-feeding in home ponds and fish farms. Feeding fish with sinking feed, it is important to carefully consider the amount of feed given to the fish. Quantities should be calculated based on the feeding table to avoid excess feed sinking to the bottom. The excess feed causes deterioration of the pond and leads to a significant decrease in oxygen levels.
  • high-protein, high-performance feed (nutritional content: protein 41%, fat 31%)
  • nitrogen content of 6.32%, or 62.3 grams per kilogram
  • the phosphorus content of 0.7% allows high feed use within the phosphorus quota of the farming permit
  • higher levels of vitamins A, D, C and E than in normal grower feeds
  • maximises the growth and welfare of fish, while maximising the yield from the fish
The feed is therefore suitable for:
  • companies looking for maximum growth and profitability, not just a low price per kilo of feed.
  • companies whose farming conditions justify the continuous feeding of health supplements.
ComponentHercules 5 EX 80Hercules 7 EX 80
Crude protein40%41%
Crude fat30%31%
Crude fiber2.2%1.5%
Raw ash5.5%4.4%



Vitamin A6800 IU/kg6800 IU/kg
Vitamin D33030 IU/kg2500 IU/kg
Vitamin C3500 IU/kg
Vitamin E300 IU/kg
Copper6.4 mg/kg4.2 mg/kg
Zinc oxide81.1 mg/kg
Zinc61.9 mg/kg40.0 mg/kg
Manganese11.4 mg/kg/8.0 mg/kg
Iron2.7 mg/kg
Astaxanthin80 mg/kg80 mg/kg
E31070 mg/kg70 mg/kg
E32070 mg/kg70 mg/kg
E32170 mg/kg70 mg/kg

The feed should be stored in a dry and shaded place. It is advisable to use up the feed bag within one season.

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