Floating fountain with LED lighting Jebao FJ-600

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Jebao FJ-600 fountain set features a floating base, three dynamic water displays, and three LED lamps. It includes a high-quality pump and a controller for easy remote operation.

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Jebao FJ-600 is a complete fountain set designed for use in ponds and lakes. It offers impressive visual effects that enhance the landscape view of your garden, park, or any space with a water reservoir. The fountain creates three water displays up to 10 m wide and 4 m high, with water streams shaped like a cup, volcano, or crown. Three LED lamps around the nozzle create stunning visual effects after dusk.

The floating base makes installation easy – simply place the Jebao FJ-600 fountain in water and connect it to the power supply. The fountain’s unique design keeps it afloat while keeping its components unnoticeable. The operation is not dependent on water level, tank size, shape, or type of pond or pool bottom.

The set includes a high-quality pump with 560 W power and a capacity of 55 000 L/h. The pump’s steel housing, carbon-silicon shaft bearing, and ceramic axis ensure long-term durability. A steel mesh protects the pump’s water inlet against contamination, safeguarding the device from interference or damage.

Besides visual effects, the FJ-600 set offers effective aeration for large ponds up to 1000 m2.

  • floating body with a diameter of 90 cm
  • LED backlight 3 x 6 W (white)
  • durable and solid construction
  • 3 different water images
  • controller to set the pump operating time
  • minimum tank depth 1 m
Technical data:
  • total size: 90 cm x 56 cm
  • pump capacity: 55 000 L/h
  • pump power consumption: 560 W
  • length of the pump power cable: 30 m
  • length of the LED lighting power cable: 30 m
Controller specifications

The set is equipped with a controller designed to control the fountain pump. It can perform wireless remote control in terms of setting operating parameters such as:

  • turning the pump on and off
  • setting working time
  • operating mode and water flow rate

As a result, the controller increases the comfort of using the device. The FC-600 controller has two operating modes, manual mode and automatic mode with selection of operating time. In automatic mode, you can set up to 6 periods – work cycles per day according to your needs. All operations are performed using the remote control.

  • power supply – 230 V
  • max load – 600 W
  • remote control power supply – 2 x AAA 1.5 V

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