* Complete floating feed for ornamental fish
* Composition: protein 49%, fat 8%, fiber 1.3%, ash 10.2%
* Additives: Vitamin A, D3, astaxanthin, spirulina, probiotic, omega-3
* Pellet size: 6 mm
* Bag: 15 kg

Delivery time: 3 – 13 business days

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TOP KOI is a professional staple feed designed for koi fish and other ornamental carp fish manufactured by Alltech Coppens in Germany. The protein/fat ratio is balanced to maximize koi’s growth while maintaining a beautiful slim shape. Pellet size: 6 mm.


Top Koi contains a range of special ingredients that keep koi carp in peak health and condition. Wheat germ is added because it is rich in vitamin E, essential acids and minerals, and is easy to digest. Beta-glucans from yeast cell walls increases the fish’s natural resistance to diseases. Top Koi is enriched with a prebiotic, inulin. This polysaccharide serves as a breeding ground for the positive microflora in the intestine. These beneficial bacteria are essential for good intestinal balance, which in turn is of great importance for overall health. Organic acids have also been added to this food. Acidification in the intestines improves digestion and creates a barrier for pathogenic bacteria. Color improvement.

Top Koi contains astaxanthin and spirulina. Astaxanthin is a carotenoid that is used to strengthen the colors of koi.

Composition: fish meal, wheat, soy extraction meal, wheat gluten, poultry meal, wheat germ, spirulina, krill meat, insect meal, thickened fish juice, monocalcium phosphate, yeast products, inulin, algae (Schizochytriuml Imacinum)

Analytical  components:
crude protein: 49%
crude fat: 8%
crude fiber: 1.3%
raw ash: 10.2%
phosphorus: 1.89%
calcium: 2%
sodium: 0.5%

Vitamin A: 12000 IU/kg
Vitamin D3: 2027 IU/kg
E310 Propyl gallate: 100mg
1b320 Butylated hydroxyanisole: 100mg.


Feed fish 2 – 4 times a day. The fish should consume the feed within 5 – 10 minutes. Any remaining feed should be removed from the pond/pool. It is advisable to calculate the quantities based on the feeding table to avoid excess feed. The excess feed can significantly degrade the fish’s living environment and decrease oxygen level in the pond. Do not feed the fish when the water temperature is below 10°C.

Manufacturer’s brochure and feeding table: pdf.

The feed should be stored in a dry and shaded place. It is recommended to use up the feed within one season.

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